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Elise Gerich’s Internet Hall of Fame 2019 Induction Speech

Part of my net­work­ing expe­ri­ence as I grew as a net­work­ing per­son, and Internet per­son, peo­ple would come up and say, Well what was it like to be a woman in a men’s field?” And I’ve got­ta com­pli­ment the Merit folks who hired the NSFNET staff. They were gender-blind.

Kimberly Claffy’s Internet Hall of Fame 2019 Induction Speech

So many pre­vi­ous awardees have spo­ken of the mag­ic sauce of the Internet. The oppo­site of secret sauce, I guess, because they all use the word open.” Open stan­dards, open archi­tec­ture, open source. They said this open­ness is what made the Internet the Internet. Which sounds most­ly right, although not much like how we expe­ri­ence the Internet today. 

Larry Irving’s Internet Hall of Fame 2019 Induction Speech

In 1993 when we first start­ed talk­ing about the dig­i­tal divide and doing the work to define the dig­i­tal divide, there were 15 mil­lion peo­ple on this plan­et on the Internet. Today there are 4 bil­lion. A lot of peo­ple in this room did a lot of work to make that hap­pen. But we have a lot that we need to do still.

Douglas Comer’s Internet Hall of Fame 2019 Induction Speech

My final thanks for intim­i­dat­ing me into study­ing pro­to­cols goes to those obnox­ious and absolute­ly incom­pe­tent NSF review­ers who forced me to study.

Klaas Wierenga’s Internet Hall of Fame 2019 Induction Speech

If I can make one wish for the future, then I think it is to those of you out there that have ideas to make the Internet just a lit­tle bit bet­ter, just a lit­tle bit safer, just a lit­tle bit more user-friendly, to go after it and do it.

Internet Hall of Fame 2019 Induction Speech on Behalf of Suguru Yamaguchi

I was born in 1999. Some peo­ple like to call my gen­er­a­tion the Internet experts. For us, the Internet exist­ed from the moment we were born. And its safe­ty was tak­en for grant­ed. However, this is all due to the work of my father and his allies speak­ing to the world, telling them secu­ri­ty on the Internet is going to be high­ly impor­tant fif­teen years before I was even born.

Jean Armour Polly’s Internet Hall of Fame 2019 Induction Speech

I’d like to focus on thank­ing the Internet soci­ety for rec­og­niz­ing the impor­tant part that pub­lic librar­i­ans have played in help­ing to grow the reach of the Internet and its use by everybody.

Adiel Akplogan’s Internet Hall of Fame 2019 Induction Speech

Nominated for effort and con­tri­bu­tion to sev­er­al ini­tia­tives that brought and drew the Internet in West Africa in the 90s, and also for lead­ing and nur­tur­ing the con­sen­sus approach that has helped cre­ate AFRINIC, the Internet num­ber reg­istry in Africa in 2004, I have wit­nessed over those twenty-five years how tech­nol­o­gy can change and improve peo­ple’s lives on a dai­ly basis.

Dan Lynch’s Internet Hall of Fame 2019 Induction Speech

I real­ized in about late 85, ear­ly 86 that peo­ple all over the world were try­ing to build Internet prod­uct stuff, and they were doing a mediocre job. So, I became an edu­ca­tor, I call myself now, of Internet technology.

2019 Internet Hall of Fame Inductee Interviews: José Soriano

We dreamed a lot, then we real­ized our dreams. Peruvians, we said in that time, we are not very good in many things but we are survivors.