Mary Ryan Holistic Heat Management 008

Holistic Heat Management

Machines gen­er­ate waste heat when they do work for us. And this year, seven bil­lion of us will use twenty-five tril­lion kilo­watt hours of elec­tric­ity. And awful lot of that will end up as waste heat. So, we treat waste heat as a prob­lem. We see it as a chal­lenge to design how we can man­age it. We don’t think of it as a resource. If we thought of it as a resource, that would be results we are just throw­ing away.

Jonathan Zittrain Automation Algorithms 008

Automation and Algorithms in the Digital Age

I want to think more broadly about the future of cyber state, and think about accu­mu­la­tions of power both cen­tral­ized and dis­trib­uted that might require trans­parency in bound­aries we wouldn’t be used to.

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Self-healing Concrete for Low-carbon Infrastructure

Our bridges, motor­ways, tun­nels, and dams, and all the build­ings that make up our infra­struc­ture are vital to our soci­ety and eco­nomic growth yet we take them for granted. The shock­ing truth is that our infra­struc­ture is crum­bling beneath our feet. And this is cost­ing us dearly, both in terms of money and car­bon.

Amy Stepanovich Whos Killing Crypto 002

Who’s Killing Crypto?

Encryption is a key piece of a robust enter­prise approach to cyber­se­cu­rity. It keeps down the num­ber of data breaches as the scale and the size of data breaches con­tin­ues only to grow. It also is the first line of defense that users have against peo­ple access­ing their data on an indi­vid­ual level. 

David Chang & Jim Yong Kim At The World Bank 'The Future Of Food' QCtj Gdblgc

David Chang & Jim Yong Kim: The Future of Food

I think we need to take a look at what we find to taste good. And I think a lot of peo­ple throw away food. As Juergen men­tioned, we throw away 1.3 bil­lion tons of food a year. That’s a third of the food that is pro­duced. Which is just prob­a­bly the eas­i­est way to reduc­ing hunger in the world. Being more resource­ful, much more fru­gal about it.

Chido Govera At The World Bank 'Food Production As A Key To Sustainable Development' MmLOje03Og

Food Production As a Key To Sustainable Development

When I learned to farm mush­rooms, I dis­cov­ered to grow mush­rooms you use agri­cul­tural waste that is avail­able to all the poor fam­i­lies in any any place we can say this is a strug­gling coun­try. As long as they prac­tice some form of agri­cul­ture, they will have this kind of waste mate­r­ial.

David Hertz At The World Bank 'Empowerment Through Cooking' A59lqX2RBCg

Empowerment Through Cooking

In 2004, after work­ing for more than ten years as a cook, I vis­ited a favela for the first time. I saw in cook­ing a way to train peo­ple, and so I offered a voca­tional train­ing pro­gram in a local insti­tu­tion.

Mark Emil From MAD At The World Bank 'The Role Of Cooking In The Future Of Food' UuzthzY2WH0

The Role of Cooking in the Future of Food

We’re here today to start a new con­ver­sa­tion about the world of chefs and cooks, between the world of chefs and cooks, and you the del­e­gates and influ­encers and peo­ple here at the World Bank. The rea­son we’re here is to find ways to work together to build a food sys­tem that feeds every­one, every day, every­where.

The Conversation #36 — Ethan Zuckerman

We are in the midst of a shift in how we encounter infor­ma­tion. And we’re wrestling with three par­a­digms at the same time. The old­est of these par­a­digms, for for most of us, is edited media. … You have a pow­er­ful gate­keeper, the news­pa­per edi­tor, who says, “Here are things you need to pay atten­tion to today. Give this a small amount of your time, and you will be roughly up to date with what you need to know.” 

The Conversation #35 — Chuck Collins

Much of class and iso­la­tion and pulling away is this sort of illu­sion that some­how we can be apart from the suf­fer­ing that is in our midst. And that’s a myth. The social iso­la­tion that many peo­ple in the one per­cent expe­ri­ence is a wound.

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