Eleanor Saitta Larp And

Larp and…

by Eleanor Saitta

I’m going talk to you guys about larp and. Larp and a whole lot of other things. Because I think the most inter­est­ing things about larp are maybe not actu­ally larp itself, but when larp meets a whole bunch of the rest of the world.

Does Larp Design Matter Eirik Fatland M3hgzKDb5ME

Does Larp Design Matter?

by Eirik Fatland

When we design larps, we’re play­ing basi­cally with the build­ing block of cul­ture. Not just of fic­tional cul­tures, real cul­ture as well. But ask­ing peo­ple to act as if is not enough to make a larp. As larp writ­ers, we need you to act as if, together. 

Evan Torner Larp As Adaptation

Larp as Adaptation

by Evan Torner

A larp takes a space and makes a place in which we cre­ate fic­tion with our bod­ies, and our voices. Although the larp medium cer­tainly shares a lin­eage with the the­ater and the oral sto­ry­telling tra­di­tion, most of the fic­tion that we con­sume comes in other forms.

Kaisa Kangas Experimental Anthropology

Experimental Anthropology

by Kaisa Kangas

In exper­i­men­tal archae­ol­ogy, we could for instance try to make the kind of shoes that our hunter-gatherer ances­tors might have had, and test how long they last in use. 

But what if we are inter­ested in com­pletely dif­fer­ent kinds of ques­tions. Like, did they have rules for whom you’re allowed to have sex with? How did they raise their kids? We could always look at exist­ing hunter-gatherer cul­tures and guess that the cul­ture might have been sim­i­lar. But could we attempt to test our hypothe­ses, some­way?

Mindful Cyborgs #51 — Nordic Larp, Social Change, and Free-will Agency with Eleanor Saitta

by Klint Finley, Sara M. Watson, Chris Dancy, Eleanor Saitta

Change is going to hap­pen. I guess in a lot of cases I see my role in the world as try­ing des­per­ately to build enough tools, and enough under­stand­ing of how they work and how they can be used, and to get that stuff out into the world enough so that when stuff inevitably breaks and falls apart and explodes in our faces, we’ve got kind of a first aid kit that we can reach for.

The Conversation #39 — Richard Saul Wurman

by Micah Saul, Richard Saul Wurman, Aengus Anderson

Conversation has been con­sis­tently a model in my head of being human. For quite a while I’ve spo­ken about how we’re not taught at any time in our life how to ask a ques­tion, and how to talk on the phone. And most peo­ple think they know how to ask a ques­tion, and they know how to talk on the phone. And yet I found that 98% of ques­tions are either bad ques­tions or speeches. And most phone calls are ter­ri­ble.

Matt Kibbe Social Disruption Sharing Economy 023

Social Disruption and the Sharing Economy

by Matt Kibbe

I think there’s an unprece­dented oppor­tu­nity to change our rela­tion­ship with polit­i­cal power. And I don’t think we need to be afraid of it. I don’t think we have to com­pro­mise our core prin­ci­ples in order to do it.

Ai Jen Poo Caring Majority 005

The New Caring Majority

by Ai-Jen Poo

In build­ing this move­ment for a car­ing major­ity, we believe that we have to return to our fun­da­men­tal core val­ues. Values that really bring out the best in who we are. Values like respect. Like oppor­tu­nity. Like democ­racy.

Robert Reich Advice President 45should

Robert Reich’s Advice for the Next President

by Robert Reich

The next President is prob­a­bly going to have to deal with some very dif­fi­cult eco­nomic times. The hous­ing mar­ket is start­ing to look like a bub­ble. There’s a pos­si­bil­ity of that bub­ble burst­ing. We’ve been there before.

Peter W Singer Advice President 45should

Peter W. Singer’s Advice for the Next President

by Peter W. Singer

If I had to sug­gest one job for the next President to do for a day, it would be to take on the role of a mil­i­tary spouse whose wife has deployed abroad.

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