Mapping Food Systems Graham Macdonald

Mapping the Intricacies of Evolving Food Systems

by Graham MacDonald

In many coun­tries, the very abil­ity to eat a food like avo­cado is a direct ben­e­fit of inter­na­tional trade. We are eat­ing on an inter­con­nected planet. Food trade now shapes land use world­wide and is reshap­ing the food sup­plies of many nations.

Building Resilient Cities Andrew Gonzalez

Building Resilient Cities Through Restoration of Fragmented Urban Ecosystems

by Andrew Gonzalez

Cities form a vast global net­work con­nected by flows of energy, food, infor­ma­tion. This global net­work is the chal­lenge of the 21st cen­tury. How do we make more sus­tain­able cities, with smaller eco­log­i­cal foot­prints and more equi­table human well­be­ing?

Messing With Nature Genetics

Forbidden Research: Messing with Nature Part I: Genetics

by Kevin Esvelt, Megan Palmer, Ryan Phelan, George Church

When it comes to a field as fast-moving and as high of stakes as genetic engi­neer­ing, how do we pro­ceed wisely? How do we bal­ance our own wild­ness and civil­ity as we develop increas­ingly pow­er­ful ways to inter­act with the liv­ing world?

The Conversation #42 — Gary L. Francione

by Neil Prendergast, Micah Saul, Aengus Anderson, Gary L Francione

The best jus­ti­fi­ca­tion we have for killing fifty-six, fifty-seven, what­ever bil­lion land ani­mals and a tril­lion sea ani­mals every year is that they taste good. And so, in a sense how is this any dif­fer­ent from Michael Vick, who likes to sit around a pit watch­ing dogs fight, or at least he used to?

Decoding Workforce Productivity Brian Ballard

Decoding Workforce Productivity: Brian Ballard

by Brian Ballard

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is ush­er­ing in a sig­nif­i­cant increase in con­nected machi­nes, con­nected prod­ucts. And at the same time, the peo­ple who are stand­ing next to these highly sophis­ti­cated machi­nes are ulti­mately con­nected in their home lives. They carry a cell phone that’s man­ag­ing their smart car, their smart home, their smart sys­tems. But they have almost no inter­ac­tion with the sys­tems at work.

Decoding Workplace Productivity Benjamin Waber

Decoding Workforce Productivity: Benjamin Waber

by Benjamin Waber

I could ask you ques­tions about where your cus­tomers buy prod­ucts, or what sort of prod­ucts they buy. And you could give me very detailed answers. But I could ask rel­a­tively sim­i­lar ques­tions about what goes on within your com­pany that you can’t answer.

Nita Farahany Decoding Workforce Productivity

Decoding Workforce Productivity: Nita A. Farahany

by Nita A Farahany

Are there any lim­its to the con­nected work­place? Are there any con­cerns about the con­nected work­place? Is there any way in which you wouldn’t want either your­self or an employee to be con­nected? Are there any lim­its to the kinds of infor­ma­tion we can gather in order to make our work­forces more pro­duc­tive? In order to make our over­all soci­ety more pro­duc­tive?

The Conversation #41 — John Fullerton

by John Fullerton, Micah Saul, Aengus Anderson

I actu­ally think you can trace many many of these big sys­temic crises to being symp­toms of the flawed idea that eco­nomic growth can go on indef­i­nitely, expo­nen­tially, on a finite planet. That’s sort of my North Star. And then as a finance per­son, why do we think we need eco­nomic growth? Well, because the way our cap­i­tal sys­tem works is that cap­i­tal demands that growth.

Michael Twitty Culinary Injustice 016

Southern Discomfort — Confronting Culinary Injustice and Promoting Culinary Reconciliation in the Old South

by Michael Twitty

My job is to inte­grate the brands of exclu­sion cre­at­ing a world of south­ern American food, by rein­tro­duc­ing peo­ple to the African ances­tors of American cook­ing, and by exten­sion restor­ing respect and dig­nity for what they gave.

David Chang On Guts 006

On Guts

by David Chang

Why did we pick the theme? It seems that when I’m with René or other chefs, younger cooks come up to us and they always ask, How did you do it?” Or, Why did you become suc­cess­ful?” Besides it being a team effort, I think it all starts with the seed, a plant of an idea, you know, plant­ing an idea.

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