Media, Technology & Culture 1.3: So, What’s New?

by Joshua Braun

So, how do we make sense of new media? How can we guard against our temp­ta­tion to assume, our implicit sense, even, that every­thing in our expe­ri­ence of today’s emerg­ing dig­i­tal media is brand new and unprece­dented? And how do we do that while also appre­ci­at­ing the things that really are new or unique to our cur­rent cul­tural con­text and moment in his­tory?

Media, Technology & Culture 1.2: Yesterday’s New“s

by Joshua Braun

We’re con­tin­u­ing our series of install­ments, focus­ing on what makes new media new. Or put another way, how new are new media, really? 

Media, Technology & Culture 1.1: Messages about the Medium

by Joshua Braun

We’re going to talk at length about new media. And in our first few install­ments we’re going to begin by think­ing for a bit about what makes a medium new.

Hearsay Culture #252 — Prof. Ben Peters on the History of the Failed Soviet Internet

by David S Levine, Benjamin Peters

The Soviet expe­ri­ence sug­gests some­thing really impor­tant for us today, which is that net­works are entirely com­pat­i­ble with sur­veil­lance. And many of our favorite things to talk about, then, peer-to-peer pro­duc­tion, or end-to-end intel­li­gence, kind of missed the point that I think is now obvi­ous. That whether you’re the NSA or Google or who­ever else…you’re a gen­eral sec­re­tariat, seek­ing to pri­va­tize our power, and you are sur­veilling us, because you have a net­work in place. 

Lee Bryant Institutions Age Of Algorithms 005

Institutions in the Age of Algorithms, and Why We Still Need Them

by Lee Bryant

If you look at human his­tory all the way through, we orga­nize our­selves in dif­fer­ent ways. Tribes, reli­gions, guilds, states, more recently com­pa­nies and net­works. And what these insti­tu­tions do is they sort of cod­ify val­ues and beliefs, and they they trans­port them across the gen­er­a­tions. So we see this phe­nom­e­non that when you cod­ify val­ues in insti­tu­tions, you give those val­ues longevity. 

The Conversation #37 — David Keith

by Micah Saul, David Keith, Aengus Anderson

There are biol­o­gists who’ve spent their careers work­ing on some species of bee­tle in the trop­i­cal rain­for­est, and they just love the rain­for­est in their bones And they feel that when they go tes­tify in Congress to some com­mit­tee, that they can’t just say, I love it in my bones and you guys will love it too, if you share it with me.” They have to say, Oh, we’ve done all this math and com­puted that there’s an ecosys­tem ser­vice here.” And I think that that has really impov­er­ished our debate about envi­ron­men­tal issues.

Paola Antonelli Whats Cooking Designing 010

What’s Cooking Designing?

by Paola Antonelli

I’m here today to talk to you about food and design. About what’s cook­ing in design, and what’s design­ing in food. But most of all I’m here to rec­om­mend to you never to let design­ers decide what you will eat.

Vinay Gupta Blockchain Beyond Bitcoin

Blockchain Beyond Bitcoin

by Vinay Gupta

I think the obvi­ous thing to do with one com­puter per planet is fix cli­mate change before it destroys agri­cul­ture and leaves bil­lions of peo­ple to starve. That seems like a fairly rea­son­able kind of an objec­tive. You know, there are all kinds of lit­tle opti­miza­tions you could do with these things, but fun­da­men­tally the big unsolved chal­lenges that human­ity faces are cli­mate change and resource scarcity.

Chido Govera At MAD SYD 162178051

Chido Govera at MAD SYD / Tomorrow’s Meal

by Chido Govera

What comes to mind at the thought of tomorrow’s meal is that tomorrow’s meal has to be a key that unlocks the poten­tial of every­body. Young chil­dren who are going with­out food in Africa. Young women who are suf­fer­ing in dif­fer­ent ways because of lack of food, because of lack of oppor­tu­nity. Tomorrow’s meal has to be that key that unlocks that. Tomorrow’s meal has to be a dri­ver of socioe­co­nomic devel­op­ment. Tomorrow’s meal has to be a peace­maker that uni­fies us all.

Next Social Contract Elizabeth Warren 019

The Next Social Contract Opening Keynote: Senator Elizabeth Warren

by Elizabeth Warren

Just as this coun­try did a hun­dred years ago, it’s time to rethink the basic bar­gain between work­ers and com­pa­nies. As greater wealth is gen­er­ated by new tech­nol­ogy, how can we ensure that the work­ers who sup­port the econ­omy can actu­ally share in the wealth?

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