2019 Internet Hall of Fame Inductee Interviews: Larry Irving

None of us pre­dict­ed YouTube, none of us pre­dict­ed Facebook, none of us pre­dict­ed Twitter, none of us pre­dict­ed so many things we take for grant­ed today. I’m not gonna get in the guess­ing game any­more. What I do think is, the more peo­ple of good inten­tions get involved in this, the more this becomes about peo­ple and less about prof­it, the bet­ter off we’ll be.

Larry Irving’s Internet Hall of Fame 2019 Induction Speech

In 1993 when we first start­ed talk­ing about the dig­i­tal divide and doing the work to define the dig­i­tal divide, there were 15 mil­lion peo­ple on this plan­et on the Internet. Today there are 4 bil­lion. A lot of peo­ple in this room did a lot of work to make that hap­pen. But we have a lot that we need to do still.

Hopes and Fears for the Future of the Internet: Larry Irving

I have a lot of fears about the Internet. I fear the loss of pri­va­cy. It is still seen by far too many peo­ple as the domain of oth­er than minori­ties, of oth­er than women, of oth­er than poor peo­ple, and it’s got to be about all of us. I fear that it is becom­ing a pay-to-play eth­ic, and the thing you’re going to be hav­ing to pay with is your privacy.