Intertitle: What are your hopes for the future Internet? Your fears? What action should be tak­en now for the best future?

Klaas Wierenga: As some­one who has been involved for twen­ty years in trust and iden­ti­ty and secu­ri­ty, I still was shocked after the Snowden Revelations. The extent to which gov­ern­ments spy on their own and oth­er cit­i­zens is stag­ger­ing. And that is the sin­gle thing that most wor­ries me about the Internet. And I think we should all as an Internet com­mu­ni­ty work very hard on mak­ing sure that those gov­ern­ments are unable to pre­vent the Internet from being what it has been and should con­tin­ue to be, a place where when you have a good idea, you can make it hap­pen. And if it sur­vives in the mar­ket­place” of the Internet, then it’s a good thing. And I’m very con­cerned about gov­ern­ments try­ing to get a grasp on the Internet—even though it would be naïve to not see that as a nat­ur­al move­ment. The moment some­thing becomes impor­tant, and becomes a vital­ly impor­tant infra­struc­ture, of course gov­ern­ments want to have a grasp on it. But still, I think they went way over­board. And I think we should all work togeth­er to mit­i­gate that risk. 

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