2019 Internet Hall of Fame Inductee Interviews: Klaas Wierenga

I was get­ting a bit annoyed with the fact that I was trav­el­ing to uni­ver­si­ties all over the coun­try and always had to go through all kinds of trou­ble to get online. You may not know this but back in the time you would have to reg­is­ter your MAC address at the IT cen­ter of the uni­ver­si­ty or get a card to stick into your lap­top. And it was such a has­sle and I thought, but why?

Klaas Wierenga’s Internet Hall of Fame 2019 Induction Speech

If I can make one wish for the future, then I think it is to those of you out there that have ideas to make the Internet just a lit­tle bit bet­ter, just a lit­tle bit safer, just a lit­tle bit more user-friendly, to go after it and do it.

Hopes and Fears for the Future of the Internet: Klaas Wierenga

As some­one who has been involved for twen­ty years in trust and iden­ti­ty and secu­ri­ty, I still was shocked after the Snowden Revelations.