Intertitle: What are your hopes for the future Internet? Your fears? What action should be tak­en now for the best future?

José Soriano: My fears today are the com­pa­nies, the twenty-six per­sons who have 48% of the cap­i­tal of the world. And as the Internet reflects the world, we have the same in the Internet. We have many…very very tiny…three, four, five com­pa­nies, who have the prop­er­ty of all the Internet. And that is the issue in this moment. And that’s some­thing the peo­ple don’t see in this moment. The young peo­ple don’t care about inti­ma­cy. But it’s a very very dif­fi­cult prob­lem because now every­thing is open, and every­body is look­ing around. Then, we must be con­scious of these kind of prob­lems. Which is not new. It’s the same prob­lem we had when we began. But as we did­n’t care for that prob­lem, these prob­lems became very big now. Then we must make some­thing. I don’t know what, because I have no solu­tions. But we need to make reflec­tions about all the guys who make this Internet. We need to reflect on that and fight a lit­tle bit for that kind of goal. 

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