José Soriano

José Soriano’s Internet Hall of Fame 2019 Induction Speech

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It’s a great hon­or to be induct­ed in the Internet Hall of Fame. I don’t do it in my name alone. I do it for all the Peruvians who work in this net­work we built in the 90s. We learned very well the teach­ings of Randy Bush. Sometimes when he taught us tech­nol­o­gy with love, and we saw poet­ic, hip­pie, unre­pen­tant words. And we cre­at­ed with that a vision. 

2019 Internet Hall of Fame Inductee Interviews: José Soriano

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We dreamed a lot, then we real­ized our dreams. Peruvians, we said in that time, we are not very good in many things but we are survivors.

Hopes and Fears for the Future of the Internet: José Soriano

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My fears today are the com­pa­nies, the twenty-six per­sons who have the 48% of the cap­i­tal of the world. And as the Internet reflects the world, we have the same in the Internet.