Intertitle: Who should sing the nation­al anthem at the inauguration?

Deon Cole: I don’t know, I keep think­ing Maxwell. I just want it to get soul­ful up there. Just sexy. I want it grown and sexy at the White House. I think that’s nev­er been in the White House, grown and sexy. It’s always real con­ser­v­a­tive, and every­one’s all stiff. Everyone’s used starch on their pants, and all of that stuff. Yeah. Make it grown and sexy. Let’s get Maxwell in there.

Intertitle: What is the one book the next President should read?

Cole: The next book the President should read is Iceberg Slim. It’s about this pimp who falls in love, and…no, I’m just play­ing. I don’t know. I don’t… No, it’s a good book, though. You should read Iceberg Slim. He’s got vol­umes of books, so. He got one where he fell in love with one of his hos. Then he got one where he fell out of love with his ho. Then he got one where he made mon­ey on his ho. And then his ho start­ed a busi­ness. It’s a tril­o­gy of great sto­ries, so. Just read Iceberg Slim and every­body just chill the fuck out.

Intertitle: What is the most press­ing issue in America today?

Cole: Guns. That’s it. Guns. Like…guns. Either no one has them, or give them to every­body. Because in Indiana, every­body got guns, and ain’t a lot of peo­ple get­ting shot in Indiana. 

And then the type of guns that’s out there. Like, it’s not nec­es­sary for a machine gun to be able to be pur­chased. What is that for? How do you even have those in stores, and know that they in stores every­where. You know they’re there. Why don’t you just go take em? Y’all busy raid­ing peo­ple sell­ing weed in they house and tak­ing ounces of weed from them. You raid­ing these peo­ple sell­ing pounds of weed and arrest­ing them, but you ride by six, sev­en stores, they’re sell­ing AK-47s. That’s crazy to me. Raid those shops that sell those guns, and just add more weed in every­body’s life. More weed.

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