Intertitle: What’s the most over­looked issue in this election?

Cory Booker: Tax reform. We have a tax sys­tem right now that cre­ates a lot of per­verse incen­tives. It incen­tivizes jobs mov­ing over­seas, incen­tivizes a lack of invest­ment here at home, these inver­sions that are hap­pen­ing. And I do believe that when it comes to pay­ing fair tax­es, there’s a lot of folks who are pay­ing large per­cent­ages of their incom­ing tax­es, but that’s not reflect­ed in oth­er asset brackets.

Intertitle: What will be the first cri­sis for the next President?

Booker: We are not match­ing our com­peti­tors in invest­ing in the great­est nat­ur­al resource any coun­try has. It’s not oil, or gas, or coal. It’s human poten­tial. And so when it comes from invest­ing in uni­ver­sal preschool, or great pol­i­cy inter­ven­tions like nurse-family part­ner­ships, for every dol­lar invest­ed in pro­grams like that, you save five gov­ern­ment dollars.

Intertitle: What city should the next President vis­it first?

Booker: The great­est American city of all is Newark, New Jersey. In fact, I think before they even get sworn in, they should come to Broad and Market and announce a vision for our nation.

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