Oh, this is a real hon­or. Thank you very much. Back in 1980, work­ing with the arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence guys, we had this idea we were going to make smart machines. But it need­ed to read good books, don’t you think? If we’re going to build a new over­lord, it bet­ter be an edu­cat­ed over­lord. And we just did­n’t have very much online. And we cal­cu­lat­ed out that we could put all the books, music, video, every­thing, online. And we start­ed on this project and real­ized what we real­ly need­ed was a net­work. And so I joined into the Internet field and tried to get pub­lish­ers online, and now libraries online. And I’d say all in all it’s going very well. I just had no idea it would take this long. We’re get­ting there, but there are lot of peo­ple that sort of aren’t com­ing around the cor­ner very fast. And it’s things—actually, this award does help in that kind of world of try­ing to help the world move towards the dream of uni­ver­sal access to all knowl­edge that is one of the major com­po­nents of what the Internet, I think, is for. Thank you very much.

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