Brewster Kahle’s Internet Hall of Fame 2012 Induction Speech

Back in 1980, work­ing with the arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence guys, we had this idea we were going to make smart machines. But it need­ed to read good books, don’t you think?

Giovanni Damiola at Aaron Swartz Day 2015

Tonight I am very hap­py to say that Open Library is healthy, with more than 9 mil­lion vis­i­tors every month, serv­ing and reach­ing the meta­da­ta of more than 25 mil­lion edi­tions, 6 mil­lion authors, and we even serve 7 mil­lion cov­ers through an API.

Translating World Clock

I’m going to talk about a bot-like cre­ation that was occa­sioned by NaNoGenMo last year, World Clock. It has a rather curi­ous sto­ry to what’s hap­pened after I devel­oped it.