Thank you. I don’t real­ly belong here, just some peo­ple want­ed to see me in a suit. The peo­ple who do belong here and who aren’t are the peo­ple from Africa, and America Latina, and Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Islands, who real­ly did the work and under far more dif­fi­cult cir­cum­stances than I. I suggest—well, you seem not to have lap­tops in this room but when you go back to your lap­top do me a favor and Google white sav­ior indus­tri­al com­plex.” A very good arti­cle by an African who has some things to say on the subject. 

We mean well, but we also do good and we also do dam­age. Well-meaning Americans did some­thing called the Leland Initiative, which broke net­work­ing in the indige­nous net­works in ten African coun­tries and empow­ered the PTT monop­o­lies. And beware of north­ern­ers bear­ing ini­tia­tives. It’s the sad truth. 

So the approach that I kind of try to take is help peo­ple who ask for help. And I don’t have a plan for Africa. I bare­ly have a plan for tomor­row. And there are peo­ple in this room and who I hope to have din­ner with who’ve done far more than I. You know, the Machukis, the…well, there’s some­body right over there, Nancy Hafkin. But a lot of…Kanchana…I could go on and on. The Southerners who actu­al­ly built the net­works in their coun­tries under exceed­ing­ly hard cir­cum­stances. I’m just a dumb geek who answered tech­ni­cal ques­tions when asked. But to thank you for the recog­ni­tion for a dumb geek. And, have a good one.