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Nostalgia for the Net: Hari Kunzru

presented by Hari Kunzru

I remem­ber ask­ing my editor…maybe it was even Louis Rossetto—it was actu­al­ly when he was over in London, and I asked him why they nev­er covered…half the peo­ple in the world who nev­er made a phone call, and why were we always con­cen­trat­ing on this tiny num­ber. And he told me, There are no have-nots, there are only have-laters.”

Nostalgia for the Net: Kimmie David & Lola Pellegrino

presented by Kimmie David, Lola Pellegrino

I remem­ber like if I was inves­ti­gat­ing a new girl who would pos­si­bly be my friend, I remem­ber like, load­ing up their site and there was frames. And then I’d be like— If they were tru­ly cool like you, I’d be like Oh cool, they installed Greymatter them­selves.” And if not I’m like I know this is a LiveJournal in a frame. You can’t fool me.”

Nostalgia for the Net: Marisa Bowe

presented by Marisa Bowe

It was called Echo. And I always tell peo­ple that it was almost lit­er­al­ly true that I… Like, I logged in, and four years lat­er I looked up you know, just to find piles of bills lying around and stuff like that.

Nostalgia for the Net: Kio Stark

presented by Kio Stark

The fun­ny thing about using Gopher’s I don’t real­ly remem­ber what the stuff was that you got to. I only remem­ber the process of jump­ing around and being dis­ori­ent­ed by not being able to get back to what I was finding.

Nostalgia for the Net: Tom Armitage

presented by Tom Armitage

The thing I kind of miss is when it was small enough to know every­body. The thing about the MUD was actu­al­ly the num­ber of reg­u­lar play­ers I reck­on was prob­a­bly about fifty. And every­body knew every­body’s names. And every­body would wave when you saw some­body else was online.

Nostalgia for the Net: Rick Webb

presented by Rick Webb

I had a friend, her name was Catherine Thomas, and her par­ents had— They were aca­d­e­mics, and one of them had got­ten a job in New South Wales, Australia from Fairbanks, Alaska. And I remem­ber she’d just be like, Okay let’s meet, but I got­ta go to the uni­ver­si­ty and send my dad an email in Australia.” I was like what.

Nostalgia for the Net: Rex Sorgatz

presented by Rex Sorgatz

The Web once seemed much more a plat­form for cre­ativ­i­ty, explo­ration, and sim­ply the idea of view­ing the source of the doc­u­ment and using the ideas that are con­tained inside of it, is com­plete­ly gone now. Why you can’t view the source of an app, for instance, is dis­heart­en­ing to me.

Nostalgia for the Net: Molly Crabapple

presented by Molly Crabapple

I basi­cal­ly spent all of my time post­ing on these Usenet forums and sort of devel­op­ing rela­tion­ships with peo­ple. It was a real­ly inter­est­ing thing because it was this time where you were kind of just judged by your writ­ing style. Like, you would think some­one was hot based on how well they wrote. You did­n’t know what peo­ple looked like. You did­n’t know how old they were.

Nostalgia for the Net: Georgina Voss

presented by Georgina Voss

LiveJournal I think gave a lot— It cer­tain­ly gave me my train­ing wheels for how to engage oth­er bits of social space. We…people I know on LJ, I think we learnt quite quick­ly (or prob­a­bly some not as quick­ly as we should’ve done) where the lim­its of shar­ing and over­shar­ing are.

Nostalgia for the Net: Douglas Rushkoff

presented by Douglas Rushkoff

It was this big respon­sive thing. Now it’s like…asking me shit. It’s just ping­ing me and buzzing me. Instead of work­ing in that great asyn­chro­nous wait­ing pause, it’s this always-on assault.

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