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Nostalgia for the Net: Debbie Chachra

presented by Deb Chachra

For a while, I would go to bed at the nor­mal time for like a 12 year-old, and then I would wake up at three o’clock in the morn­ing, head down­stairs, plug in the modem, dial into one of these BBSes, and spend a cou­ple of hours chat­ting with strangers, before pack­ing it up around five AM and going back to bed. 

Nostalgia for the Net: Deanna Zandt

presented by Deanna Zandt

A bunch of us met up on New Year’s Eve 1996 at the show at Roseland in New York. And you know, it was so hard for me to explain to peo­ple that I was going to go meet peo­ple from the Internet and no they weren’t going to mur­der me, you know.

Nostalgia for the Net: CW Anderson

presented by CW Anderson

My lit­tle stu­pid home page or what­ev­er was lim­it­ed by my lack of skill. It was­n’t as dynam­ic or as inter­est­ing or as excit­ing as Facebook is. But I made it. You know what I mean? Like I made it myself.

Nostalgia for the Net: Andy Baio

presented by Andy Baio

I had no idea what it was. You know like… Nobody could tell you what the Internet was, you had to expe­ri­ence it for your­self. And I was read­ing things like like Zen and the Art of the Internet try­ing to piece togeth­er what does the—what is this thing?

Nostalgia for the Net: Aaron Straup Cope

presented by Aaron Straup Cope

It was hard to get a sense of…the size or the scope of it, because you were just look­ing at essentially…like a typed mimeo­graph on a screen, and you were like…okay, what’s the big deal? 

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