Literature & Violence: Interview with Tom McCarthy

It seems to me that every polit­i­cal order has its kind of offi­cial crap art, you know. The offi­cial crap art of the Soviet regimes was social­ist real­ism. And the offi­cial crap art of neolib­er­al regimes, or orders, is sen­ti­men­tal humanism. 

Daniel Pick on Psychoanalysis and Fascism

The thing I’ve been real­ly inter­est­ed in the last few years in my research is think­ing about the prob­lem of fas­cism and Nazism, and the way in which in the human sci­ences, the his­to­ry of the human sci­ences, these phe­nom­e­na came to be understood.

Steven Pinker on Why Doom is not Inevitable

I don’t think that any­thing will save the world in the sense of bring­ing Utopia to Earth. But I think the world could be improved, and that would be the ver­sion of the ques­tion that I’m very much inter­est­ed in.