2014 Internet Hall of Fame Interviews: Scott Bradner

Pay atten­tion. You can’t leave it to oth­ers. You have to pay atten­tion. That this is…while it’s in the polit­i­cal sphere, it is politi­cians talk­ing to politi­cians, try­ing to fig­ure out how to con­trol this thing. It’s in your future. It’s in all of our futures, but you’ve got more of a future than I.

Geek of the Week: Scott O. Bradner

Carl Malamud: Internet Talk Radio, flame of the Internet. Malamud: This is Geek of the week. We’re talk­ing to Scott Bradner. He’s a con­sul­tant on the staff of Harvard University, he’s Area Director in the Internet Engineering Task Force for Operational Requirements, and has also been named in the spe­cial inter­im area look­ing at the ques­tion …read the full transcript.

2013 Internet Hall of Fame Interviews: Scott Bradner

The biggest sur­prise I’ve ever had about the Internet is that my mom surfed. It nev­er occurred to me in the ear­ly 80s that my moth­er would ever know­ing­ly use the Internet. It was a toy—it was a geek thing. It was for sci­en­tists, it was for researchers, it was for tech­ni­cal peo­ple. I expect­ed her to use it with­out know­ing it, because I expect­ed it to be an under­lay­ment for a lot of telecommunications.