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Nostalgia for the Net: Kimmie David & Lola Pellegrino

I remem­ber like if I was inves­ti­gat­ing a new girl who would pos­si­bly be my friend, I remem­ber like, load­ing up their site and there was frames. And then I’d be like— If they were tru­ly cool like you, I’d be like Oh cool, they installed Greymatter them­selves.” And if not I’m like I know this is a LiveJournal in a frame. You can’t fool me.”

Nostalgia for the Net: Kio Stark

The fun­ny thing about using Gopher’s I don’t real­ly remem­ber what the stuff was that you got to. I only remem­ber the process of jump­ing around and being dis­ori­ent­ed by not being able to get back to what I was finding.

Nostalgia for the Net: Tom Armitage

The thing I kind of miss is when it was small enough to know every­body. The thing about the MUD was actu­al­ly the num­ber of reg­u­lar play­ers I reck­on was prob­a­bly about fifty. And every­body knew every­body’s names. And every­body would wave when you saw some­body else was online.

Nostalgia for the Net: Rick Webb

I had a friend, her name was Catherine Thomas, and her par­ents had— They were aca­d­e­mics, and one of them had got­ten a job in New South Wales, Australia from Fairbanks, Alaska. And I remem­ber she’d just be like, Okay let’s meet, but I got­ta go to the uni­ver­si­ty and send my dad an email in Australia.” I was like what.

Nostalgia for the Net: Rex Sorgatz

The Web once seemed much more a plat­form for cre­ativ­i­ty, explo­ration, and sim­ply the idea of view­ing the source of the doc­u­ment and using the ideas that are con­tained inside of it, is com­plete­ly gone now. Why you can’t view the source of an app, for instance, is dis­heart­en­ing to me.

Nostalgia for the Net: Molly Crabapple

I basi­cal­ly spent all of my time post­ing on these Usenet forums and sort of devel­op­ing rela­tion­ships with peo­ple. It was a real­ly inter­est­ing thing because it was this time where you were kind of just judged by your writ­ing style. Like, you would think some­one was hot based on how well they wrote. You did­n’t know what peo­ple looked like. You did­n’t know how old they were.

Nostalgia for the Net: Georgina Voss

LiveJournal I think gave a lot— It cer­tain­ly gave me my train­ing wheels for how to engage oth­er bits of social space. We…people I know on LJ, I think we learnt quite quick­ly (or prob­a­bly some not as quick­ly as we should’ve done) where the lim­its of shar­ing and over­shar­ing are.

Nostalgia for the Net: Douglas Rushkoff

It was this big respon­sive thing. Now it’s like…asking me shit. It’s just ping­ing me and buzzing me. Instead of work­ing in that great asyn­chro­nous wait­ing pause, it’s this always-on assault.

Nostalgia for the Net: Debbie Chachra

For a while, I would go to bed at the nor­mal time for like a 12 year-old, and then I would wake up at three o’clock in the morn­ing, head down­stairs, plug in the modem, dial into one of these BBSes, and spend a cou­ple of hours chat­ting with strangers, before pack­ing it up around five AM and going back to bed. 

Nostalgia for the Net: Deanna Zandt

A bunch of us met up on New Year’s Eve 1996 at the show at Roseland in New York. And you know, it was so hard for me to explain to peo­ple that I was going to go meet peo­ple from the Internet and no they weren’t going to mur­der me, you know.

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