It occurred to me belat­ed­ly that I real­ly should just tweet my accep­tance speech. Except I don’t have Twitter account, so that makes it hard­er. I’m hon­ored to be among so many oth­ers who were in the first and now in this sec­ond group of peo­ple to be induct­ed into this hall of fame because of sig­nif­i­cant con­tri­bu­tions that they have made. And it makes me feel good to be in that kind of cat­e­go­ry. I’m espe­cial­ly proud to see Vint in the sec­ond row. I’ve known Vint since about 1977. He’s been a role mod­el for me, not only in the tech­ni­cal domain but as a wine and food lover as well. Finally of course, I want to thank the direc­tors, the screen­writ­ers, the key grip, the ga— Whoops, wrong accep­tance speech. Sorry about that. Thank you.

Further Reference

Stephen Kent pro­file, Internet Hall of Fame 2013

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