This hon­or for me is too high. At this excit­ing moment, my sin­cere grat­i­tude first of all goes to the ini­tia­tors and cre­ators of the great Internet, which has changed and is chang­ing the world, includ­ing my coun­try. Secondly, I would pay my high respect and grat­i­tude to ISOC as the pri­ma­ry nur­tur­er and leader of the glob­al Internet com­mu­ni­ty. And many indi­vid­u­als of this com­mu­ni­ty who have devot­ed their sup­port to pro­mote the Internet devel­op­ment in China. And third­ly I would like to thank also my Chinese col­leagues dur­ing their efforts in the ear­ly years to lay the road for the Internet enter­ing China.

I think the hon­or of Internet Hall of Fame, pre­cious gift and encour­age­ment to the Chinese Internet com­mu­ni­ty. The users, com­pa­nies pro­vid­ing ser­vices, and the many researchers and tech­nol­o­gy and appli­ca­tion inno­va­tors, they are try­ing their best to blaze new trails, con­tribut­ing to the glob­al Internet evo­lu­tion. And also many many young self-starters who are fight­ing their way out with the Internet and promis­ing the future pros­per­ous.

After twen­ty years hav­ing the Internet in Chinese peo­ple’s life, when we look back now what we find is a big change in the soci­ety and in peo­ple them­selves. The Internet has dra­mat­i­cal­ly accel­er­at­ed the step­ping for­ward course of my coun­try. I believe the bet­ter future is relat­ed with the glob­al mul­ti­stake­hold­ers. Of them, the Chinese Internet com­mu­ni­ty is a vibrant part.

Being able to join my tiny efforts to the his­tor­i­cal stream of mankind to bring the great Internet to life in my coun­try, that is my life­time hon­or, and the hap­pi­est thing that is per­ma­nent­ly deep in my heart. Thank you.

Further Reference

Qiheng Hu profile, Internet Hall of Fame 2013

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