Paul Vixie: Ladies gen­tle­men, thank you. I spent the first half, let’s say fif­teen years of a career, try­ing to make com­mu­ni­ca­tions eas­i­er. Because I could tell that some­thing like the Internet could become human­i­ty’s col­lec­tive dig­i­tal ner­vous sys­tem. And I thought that was a cool thing; I thought that would be great. I’ve spent rough­ly the sec­ond half, anoth­er fif­teen years, try­ing to make com­mu­ni­ca­tion hard­er, or at least more selec­tive and safer, because of all of the crim­i­nals and spam­mers that we brought with us when we cre­at­ed human­i­ty’s col­lec­tive dig­i­tal ner­vous system. 

I stand here, as was men­tioned, on the shoul­ders of giants, at least a dozen of whom I see in the audi­ence before me. I went around when I real­ized that suc­cess was inevitable… Sometime in the last ten years, I went around and I said, How can I thank you guys?” And they said, Pay it for­ward. That’s what we did.” And so that’s what I’m doing. Thank you all for invit­ing me, and for this award.