So I got to annoy you all morn­ing. So, this after­noon I’m going to tor­ture you with a lit­tle bit of poet­ry instead of dialogue. 

A hun­dred twen­ty sec­onds. Not much time to thank you all
for the hon­or and induc­tion into the ISOC Hall.
It’s a plea­sure to be one of those includ­ed on the team
that launched the Internet express and real­ized our dream.
But this Hall of Fame is woe­ful­ly inad­e­quate in size.
You need much more to list the many win­ners of this prize.
For every user every­where con­tributes to the net,
so you need to two bil­lion spaces more, and then you’ll need more yet.
Those ear­ly days were gold­en, and the chal­lenges were huge.
We could have tak­en short­cuts and cre­ate a fright­ful kludge.
Or we could’ve got­ten patents to enrich our trea­sure chest.
But indeed, instead, we did it prop­er and suc­ceed­ed in our quest.
The pack­ets they went stream­ing, they went fly­ing, hop by hop.
And when the gigapipes were full, there was no way to stop.
The flow con­trol pro­tect­ed us as apps did quick­ly grow.
The younger kids are now in charge. It’s time that we let go. 

Thank you all.

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