I…my inter­ests I explain this way. Okay, when you move out of this room, you can­not use the Internet any­more. Then what would you do? Today, we have two bil­lion peo­ple, includ­ing us, who can access the Internet. Then there is just sim­ple math. There’s five bil­lion peo­ple who don’t have access to the Internet. That’s my con­cern. Ten, fif­teen years ago, I’d go, Ugh, the oth­er mil­lion.” Today we say the oth­er bil­lions. And twen­ty years ago I said the oth­er thousand.

Until about the five years ago, it was so dif­fi­cult to pro­vide a com­put­er. We could­n’t even think about the Internet. How can we pro­vide a com­put­er to the oth­er bil­lions, five bil­lion peo­ple, whose income is typ­i­cal­ly a hun­dred dol­lars per month? So, they could spend about ten dol­lars or less. 

But the whole thing changed about five years ago because we all have a smart­phone. All of a sud­den, almost every­body can have a smart­phone. First us, and in the com­ing years almost any­body in devel­op­ing coun­tries. So the fore­cast­ing goes this way: today we have two bil­lion peo­ple with Internet access, and five bil­lion peo­ple with­out. In ten years, it’s the oth­er way around. Five bil­lion peo­ple with Internet access, two bil­lion peo­ple with­out, means prac­ti­cal­ly any­body who needs to access the Internet could access, in ten years. 

Then what we have to do now, we have to devel­op infra­struc­ture. Communication infra­struc­ture and the insti­tu­tion­al infra­struc­ture, oth­er­wise we can­not use the Internet prop­er­ly. The USA, Europe, Japan, Korea, we spent so many years to devel­op infra­struc­ture. And now the rest of the world, they have only five, ten, fif­teen years to devel­op those infra­struc­tures, includ­ing secu­ri­ty, which I’m work­ing in Africa. Or Like train­ing, human resource devel­op­ment. Everything you do, the first prob­lem is not the mon­ey. We just don’t have peo­ple who can train, who can lead. So human resources, and the secu­ri­ty, all kinds of things. So I hope you can join to devel­op a good glob­al infra­struc­ture [in such a way?] we have to live togeth­er. Thank you. 

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