I’d say I was hum­bled by this, but I usu­al­ly reserve that for when my car’s been towed. I’m very deeply hon­ored, sur­prised, and grat­i­fied. I am a mem­ber of anoth­er hall of fame, which is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and let me tell you there’s a lot more nar­cis­sism involved. And one of the things I real­ly love about this is that I’m look­ing at peo­ple whose ideas were the impor­tant thing. And who knew that. And who knew the ele­gant solu­tion when they saw it. And caused it to be born. 

And I’m grate­ful to all of you because you know, I care a lot about the archi­tec­ture of the Internet. You can’t endow lib­er­ty in the absence of the abil­i­ty to take it away. And so it has to be part of the archi­tec­ture. And each and every one of you has been an enor­mous part of cre­at­ing a sys­tem that is dif­fi­cult to shut up. And I am very pro­found­ly grate­ful to you for all of that. 

And final­ly I want to accept this also on behalf of some peo­ple that I hope are one day mem­bers of the Internet Hall of Fame. And they are Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, and Julian Assange. Thank you.

Further Reference

John Perry Barlow pro­file, Internet Hall of Fame 2013

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