De Balie

Children of Men’ film talk: Srecko Horvat & Alfonso Cuarón

presented by Alfonso Cuarón, Srećko Horvat

Pretty much we were look­ing for angles that remind­ed us of Mexico City, you know. Except the posh upper class­es and stuff, that had to be very icon­ic London. It was about try­ing to bring the third world into London. 

De Balie x IDFA Doc Talks: You Think The Earth Is a Dead Thing

presented by Francio Guadeloupe

When you look at this film you will rec­og­nize that it’s part of a tra­di­tion that says we have to think the plan­et, and we have to stop think­ing the Earth. Thinking the Earth is actu­al­ly think­ing the world in terms of dis­tinct civ­i­liza­tions, in terms of con­ti­nents, in terms of own­er­ship. Who owns cul­ture, who owns land, and how they exploit land and cul­ture and so forth.