Elise Gerich

2019 Internet Hall of Fame Inductee Interviews: Elise Gerich

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Be bold. Explore things. Be will­ing to chal­lenge the sta­tus quo. Not nec­es­sar­i­ly like throw every­thing out. Not the baby with the bath­wa­ter, as we say. But don’t be afraid to exper­i­ment. You know, just because it’s always been done one way does­n’t mean that there might not be anoth­er way to approach the prob­lem. And don’t think things can’t be done.

Elise Gerich’s Internet Hall of Fame 2019 Induction Speech

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Part of my net­work­ing expe­ri­ence as I grew as a net­work­ing per­son, and Internet per­son, peo­ple would come up and say, Well what was it like to be a woman in a men’s field?” And I’ve got­ta com­pli­ment the Merit folks who hired the NSFNET staff. They were gender-blind.

Hopes and Fears for the Future of the Internet: Elise Gerich

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I real­ly hope that the Internet can con­tin­ue to have con­nec­tiv­i­ty with­out bifur­ca­tion. That we don’t have lit­tle Internets everywhere.