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Geek of the Week: Bob Hinden

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Carl Malamud: Internet Talk Radio, flame of the Internet. This is Geek of the Week and we’re talk­ing today with Bob Hinton, who’s man­ag­er of Internet engi­neer­ing at Sun Microsystems. That’s the group that comes up with the TCP/IP code that’s in your SPARCstation. He’s also the Area Director of rout­ing for the Internet Engineering …read the full transcript.

Frank Heart’s Internet Hall of Fame 2014 Induction Speech

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[Frank Heart] said that the thing he most remem­bers about build­ing the ear­ly ARPANET was it was real­ly an amaz­ing effort by a few peo­ple. It shows what can hap­pen when you put togeth­er a very tal­ent­ed group of focused peo­ple, and they can real­ly accom­plish an amaz­ing amount of things.