Geek of the Week: John Romkey

The Internet Toaster start­ed out as sort of a par­tial­ly prac­ti­cal joke and par­tial­ly a way of demon­strat­ing some things you could do with SNMP and com­put­er net­works that most peo­ple didn’t tend to think about.

Geek of the Week: Marshall T. Rose

It’s kind of like we could have the Congress of the United State pass a law with regards to time trav­el, but let’s face it you know, no one has a time trav­el machine so what’s the point of it? You can’t change phys­i­cal laws by mak­ing admin­is­tra­tive pol­i­cy. Why should you think you can stan­dard­ize com­pli­cat­ed tech­nol­o­gy with­out under­stand­ing it?