Shall Make, Shall Be Panel/Q&A 2

Golan Levin: Welcome back every­one. So for the last few min­utes here we’re going to have a group dis­cus­sion Q&A mod­er­at­ed by pro­fes­sor of Games Learning at the Parsons School of Design John Sharp. Come on in, John. And come on in every­one else, too. I’m gonna pop out. John Sharp: Thank you, Golan. Thank you every­body …read the full transcript.

Ryan Kuo: Father Figure
Amendment IX: Additional Fundamental Rights of People

The ques­tion for me is, how do you know your rights? Where does your mind go when it gets a hold of those rights? The Ninth is say­ing there’s a writ­ten space here on this piece of paper, and there’s an unwrit­ten space some­where beyond.