Futures Podcast #8: Immersive Virtual Experiences, with Jeremy Bailenson

The cool thing about VR is you can do things that you can’t do in the phys­i­cal world. Leveraging this para­dox, which is that the brain treats it as real, but you can do the impossible—you can do anything—is a real­ly neat way to use VR.

Virtual Futures Salon: Dawn of the New Everything, with Jaron Lanier

So here’s what hap­pened. If you tell peo­ple you’re going to have this super-open, absolute­ly non-commercial, money-free thing, but it has to sur­vive in this envi­ron­ment that’s based on mon­ey, where it has to make mon­ey, how does any­body square that cir­cle? How does any­body do any­thing? And so com­pa­nies like Google that came along, in my view were backed into a cor­ner. There was exact­ly one busi­ness plan avail­able to them, which was advertising.