2013 Internet Hall of Fame Inductee Interviews: Glenn Ricart

In some ways, I helped put the inter” into the the Internet because it was the first time these administratively-different net­works were con­nect­ed togeth­er and could con­nect togeth­er as they wished. 

2019 Internet Hall of Fame Inductee Interviews: Michael Stanton

This is some­thing which we believe has to be stressed, that there are users which can­not be served by the com­mer­cial net­works at the moment at a decent price. Everything even­tu­al­ly comes down to price and the idea of being able to have aggre­gat­ed net­works which can be used by high-performance users as well as the less-aggressive peo­ple, if you like, can be built and oper­at­ed eco­nom­i­cal­ly if you have the right conditions.

Glenn Ricart’s Internet Hall of Fame 2013 Induction Speech

The first Internet exchange with­out a gate­way in the mid­dle appears to have been in College Park, begin­ning in about 1986, and I was for­tu­nate enough to be at the right place at the right time.