ASU KEDtalks: Visitors from Another World

So here’s the thing about mete­orites. They’re not some strange or obscure phe­nom­e­na. They are cen­tral to under­stand­ing the ori­gin of our home plan­et, to our very exis­tence on this plan­et, and even to our future.

ASU KEDtalks: Designing Earth’s Future

Geologists are try­ing to rec­og­nize the mag­ni­tude of this change by giv­ing our epoch a spe­cial name: the Anthropocene,” the age of humans. Some peo­ple find this depress­ing because they think that the Anthropocene is inevitably a bad thing. But it’s not. Because we aren’t bac­te­ria. Those brains that give us the abil­i­ty to har­ness ener­gy also give us the abil­i­ty to shape the way the plan­et is trans­formed. We can design our future.

ASU KEDtalks: Journey to a Metal World

We think Psyche is the met­al core of a small plan­et that was destroyed in the high-energy, high-speed first one one-hundredth of the solar sys­tem’s time. It is the only way that humankind can ever vis­it a met­al core, because Psyche is the only body like it in the solar sys­tem, and we can nev­er go to the Earth’s core.

ASU KEDtalks: Unearthing the Secrets of Magma

When you think of mag­ma cham­bers you prob­a­bly think of red hot boil­ing goo. But actu­al­ly we as sci­en­tists have learned that that’s not a very good model.