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Futures Podcast #26: Dawn of the Transhuman Era, with Prof. Steve Fuller

If we’re imag­ing a repub­lic of human­i­ty and we’re imag­in­ing it in the con­di­tion or mor­pho­log­i­cal free­dom, then we’re going to have to imag­ine a much wider range of human embod­i­ment than we even imag­ine now.

Futures Podcast #25: Humankind, with Rutger Bregman

A real­is­tic view of human nature recog­nis­es that we are a species that have evolved to be friend­ly, that this is our true super­pow­er, that we can coop­er­ate on a skill that no oth­er species can, and that we need to recon­nect with this super­pow­er if we want to do any­thing about the great chal­lenges that lie ahead of us.

Futures Podcast #24: Birth, Food, Sex & Death, with Jenny Kleeman

We’re depen­dent on ever greater mag­ni­tudes of tech­nol­o­gy, when I feel that real pow­er comes from a will­ing­ness to reform your behav­iour. If we out­source fun­da­men­tal aspects of human exis­tence in return for the illu­sion of con­trol over our nature, I think we dis­em­pow­er ourselves.

Futures Podcast #23: The World According to Physics, with Jim Al-Khalili

Ultimately, there’s a real­i­ty out there and for me, science—and physics in particular—is the best way of under­stand­ing the nature of that reality.

Futures Podcast #22: Cultivating Long Term Thinking, with Roman Krznaric

I think there is a glob­al grow­ing move­ment of what I think of as time rebels, who are chal­leng­ing that idea of lin­ear time, extend­ing our hori­zons beyond our mor­tal­i­ty. A hun­dred years, a thou­sand years ahead. Ten thou­sand years ahead. Their voic­es are becom­ing stronger and stronger.

Futures Podcast #21: How Hype Obscures the Future, with Gemma Milne

Hype only has pow­er in its illu­sion and if more peo­ple start­ed from a mind­set of crit­i­cal think­ing, hype would­n’t have its power.

Futures Podcast #20: Abolish Silicon Valley, with Wendy Liu

You know, we need to think about col­lec­tive action and col­lec­tive solu­tions. We need to envi­sion a new par­a­digm for how soci­ety should be governed.

Futures Podcast #19: Coevolution of Humans and Machines, with Edward A. Lee

What we need is a new phi­los­o­phy of tech­nol­o­gy that is much more inte­grat­ed with our under­stand­ing of cul­ture and human processes.

Futures Podcast #18: Evolutionary Mismatch, with Adam Hart

We are such a glob­al­ly suc­cess­ful species in terms of our num­bers and spread that we real­ly do need to reassess our rela­tion­ship with how we sit on the plan­et. I think we’ll get there, but we won’t get there quite as quick­ly as we might like.

Futures Podcast #17: Our Future Selves, with Yancey Strickler

It’s large­ly my the­o­ry that the post-internet inno­va­tion won’t be like AR or AI or what­ev­er; anoth­er tech­no­log­i­cal rev­o­lu­tion. I think the rev­o­lu­tion after the inter­net is consciousness—human con­scious­ness. The net­worked organ­ism of all of us. I don’t mean that in a sin­gu­lar­i­ty kind of way.

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