Children of Men’ film talk: Srecko Horvat & Alfonso Cuarón

Pretty much we were look­ing for angles that remind­ed us of Mexico City, you know. Except the posh upper class­es and stuff, that had to be very icon­ic London. It was about try­ing to bring the third world into London. 

Media, Technology & Culture 1.3: So, What’s New?

So, how do we make sense of new media? How can we guard against our temp­ta­tion to assume, our implic­it sense, even, that every­thing in our expe­ri­ence of today’s emerg­ing dig­i­tal media is brand new and unprece­dent­ed? And how do we do that while also appre­ci­at­ing the things that real­ly are new or unique to our cur­rent cul­tur­al con­text and moment in history?