Kenneth Goldsmith at The Influencers 2016

I think that what I want to say is that the polemics around the dis­course of the Web are too bina­ry. I think that one of the prob­lems that we have in the­o­riz­ing the Web is that we tend to mor­al­ize it in bina­ries. I get it. It’s bad. The Web is bad for you. Or the sort of free cul­ture is always like, It’s real­ly good. It’s great. Free cul­ture is great.” It’s neither.

Interview with Paul Sayce, Vice-President, Tattoo Club of Great Britain

I’ve been tat­tooed by mem­bers of my fam­i­ly and peo­ple who’ve nev­er tat­tooed before, because I just want the mark. To me, the tat­too­ing is more of a mark than an actu­al picture.