2014 Internet Hall of Fame Interviews: Hualin Qian

My part for the glob­al Internet is very lit­tle. Only intro­duc­ing the Internet to China. We had fin­ished our first Internet con­nec­tion to the United States in 1994. That brought China to the Internet. 

2013 Internet Hall of Fame Interviews: John Perry Barlow

My great­est hope, and the thing I’ve been work­ing for most of my life now, is that it will real­ize itself as being some­thing that makes it pos­si­ble for any­body to know any­thing that they’re capa­ble of know­ing. Which I think is a won­der­ful thought. Or that it will make it pos­si­ble for any­body that has some­thing impor­tant that oth­er peo­ple should hear to say it, with­out any fear of being shut up or coerced or that sort of thing.