ASU KEDtalks Podcast

ASU KEDtalks Podcast: Your Poop is Talking to You, Are You Listening?

presented by Diane Boudreau, Meli'sa Crawford

You can tell a lot about a per­son from their…poop. More specif­i­cal­ly you can tell about their health. So if they’re unhealthy, their microbes in their poop would be dif­fer­ent than a per­son who is healthy. So for exam­ple what we eat can affect the microbes that live in our gut.

ASU KEDtalks Podcast: Preventing Predictable Disasters

presented by Diane Boudreau, Duke Reiter

The Ten Across project is…a twenty-four-hundred mile-long stretch of high­way, obvi­ous­ly on the I‑10, that goes from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic and all the major cities in between. Looking at those cities, Phoenix includ­ed of course, the Phoenix metro area, we think we see a lab­o­ra­to­ry for the future in those places.