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2013 Internet Hall of Fame Interviews: Steve Goldstein

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There was real­ly no real secu­ri­ty built, oth­er than things like pass­words and maybe some encryp­tion here or there. And the atti­tude that my boss had at National Science Foundation was, That’s not our con­cern. This is for the aca­d­e­mics. People want to build in all kinds of secu­ri­ty, that’s some­body else’s prob­lem.” I think that was a very valid point at that time, but that was 1990.

Steve Goldstein’s Internet Hall of Fame 2013 Induction Speech

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As I was com­ing over toward Brussels in the air­plane, hap­pened look down the win­dow and there were the Straits of Dover. And the melody just came to my mind, you know, I’m fly­ing over the white cliffs of Dover,” the World War II melody. And it remind­ed me that I am not of this Internet generation.