Hello every­body. I am very hap­py to be here today and I am very hon­ored to be here today. And I would like to extend my hus­band’s grat­i­tude to you. 

Well, Haruhisa met com­put­er sci­ence when he was twenty-three, in his Master’s course. And since then it’s been near­ly fifty years. And all through that time, I’m sure he was fas­ci­nat­ed in this field of study. And hap­pi­ly worked and was very… Well, he was hap­py work­ing with the peo­ple of com­put­er sci­ence, and work­ing for the Internet or com­put­ers. And this is all that I can say. I know noth­ing about com­put­er sci­ence. Thank you very much. 

Further Reference

Haruhisa Ishida pro­file, Internet Hall of Fame 2013

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